About Agricultra   

The indoor agriculture and medical Cannabis industries are seeing increasing demand for constant innovation. They require technologies that provide advanced control of the growing environment, as well as the ability to make the most efficient use of the space and expand when the business grows.

AgricUltra is on the forefront of UV technology, offering innovative LED lighting with spectrum coverage from UVB through to visible and far red. We also design and manufacture controlled environment agriculture production platforms for the indoor, container and vertical farming markets, as well as the medical and recreational Cannabis markets.


Cannabis Sativa

Illustration by Margaret Best
Commissioned by AgricUltra™ Advancements


Our Mandate

AgricUltra Advancements is dedicated to:

  1. Developing innovative vertical farming products and technology

  2. Assisting indoor growers with overall system design and LED lighting selection to maximize their yields and minimize the associated costs

AgricUltra understands that indoor growers require absolute control over their environment. We offer the most advanced UV lighting technology to stimulate secondary metabolites, CO2-based refrigeration technology that supports cost savings of up to 60%* and innovative grow systems that minimize transplanting requirements. This reduces the number of operational steps, maximizes efficiencies, and optimizes growth strategies for specific plants and space requirements.

*Depending on applications



AgricUltra is constantly researching new techniques and technologies to innovate growing strategies to help increase throughput and reduce the growing cycle. Our advanced AgricUltra production platform designs will lead directly to higher fidelity vertical farming systems with better economic characteristics.

Research Partners

AgricUltra has entered into a research collaboration with Ryerson University and its newly established Ryerson Cannabis Innovation Complex, as well as the Department of Mechanical Engineering, to conduct Cannabis research. Learn more.


Medical Cannabis Beta Sites

AgricUltra collaborates with licensed producers of medical Cannabis to evaluate our products, as well as demonstrate how the light spectrum influences cannabinoid development, metabolic pathways and terpenoid enhancement. This is an integral element in proving our research, as it closes the loop with our academic research partners. AgricUltra also provides engineering and consulting services to beta site partners to optimize test environments.