The AirBox™ Horticultural
Production Platform

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The most compact, scalable and commercially viable system
available utilizing vertical growth strategies

The AirBox AgricUltra's proprietary controlled environment production platform. This self-contained system works in conjunction with hydroponic methods, and is tailored for vertical/indoor/container farming.

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The AirBox facilitates strictly controlled micro-climates with independent air circulation, humidity and temperature levels. Using the AirBox with HyperRail’s deep UV spectrum will virtually eliminate mold and mildew issues during all grow cycles.

Vertical farming principles increase effective production floor space by up to three times depending on grow style.


The only limit is the power available to the space; when used in conjunction with a mezzanine, it can produce 8x the projected floor space (depending on plant type).

Typically, most existing indoor systems face legacy environmental control challenges. The AirBox is equipped with its own cooling and dehumidification, with independent air circulation. It can be installed into a wide range of spaces and can function independent of existing HVAC systems.

Grow Style


The AirBox supports compact, high density “Sea of Green” or “Carpet of Green” growing strategies, which promote faster grows and more grow cycles. Plant cuttings just once into the unique “Cube Tray.” After root set, place the plant into the GrowTower where it stays through the vegetative and flower stages, eliminating the traditional transfer stages, which reduces your production costs.

The shallow canopy depth is ideal for taking advantage of the HyperRail’s complete spectrum (UVB to FR) for increased secondary metabolites (THC and terpenes) as well as a cleaner, healthier canopy.

The AirBox Vertical Growth Method supports three different growing styles:

1. Pots (Figure 1) with media in each pot – hydroponic nutrition feed

2. CubeTray (Figure 2) with roots growing into the media in the towers – hydroponic nutrition feed

3. CubeTray (Figure 2) with no media – aeroponic nutrition feed

FEATURES & Benefits

  • A single AirBox can multiply floor space by up to 4x (depending on plant type).

  • The system is highly modular
    and scalable.

  • It is easily integrated into almost any space or an existing indoor agricultural/farming system.

  • It is available with or without proprietary LED/UV lighting.

  • The AirBox can help localize food production, address the issue of consistently available fresh produce and empower communities to take control of where they get their food/produce.

  • With a modest investment, the AirBox can be rapidly deployed and set up virtually anywhere, which can help to eliminate food deserts associated with large urban areas.

  • Using the AirBox in combination with our CO2 HVAC offering will enable better control of GHG emissions, thus reducing a community’s carbon footprint.


AirBox specifications

The AirBox is highly modular and scalable, and has a compact footprint.

Height: 213 cm – 274 cm (7 – 9 ft)

Length: approx. 244 cm (8 ft)

Width: approx. 152 cm (5 ft)

Grow planes/sides: 1 to 2

Cooling capacity: Up to 0.7 tons

Air flow: Targeting 0.3 m/s across canopy

GrowTowers: 14 per side (7 or 8 ft tall)

Max number of lights per plane/side:7 light fixtures (single or double-sided)

Flexible Lighting   The AirBox can be used with or without our proprietary lighting instruments.

Flexible Lighting

The AirBox can be used with or without our proprietary lighting instruments.

Figure 1.

Figure 1.

Figure 2.

Figure 2.

Our unique tower inserts allow you to plant cuttings just once, reducing operating costs