ICE Lighting Schedules

Independant Channel Easing Lighting Schedules

AgricUltra lighting instruments are designed to manipulate growth patterns as plants respond to specific wavelengths and their photoperiod. Specialized photoreceptors, which are chemical pigments capable of absorbing specific wavelengths of light play an important role in controlling a plant’s structure and biosynthetic response. LED channels can be independantly controlled which allow growers to develope lighting schedules that amplify specific plant characteristics.

The AgricUltra SolarRail provides variable control over three visible lighting channels: royal blue, deep red and a full spectrum white. When red is combined with blue light it yields more leaves and crops, depending plant strain while blue increases the growth rate of plants. The effect of abundant blue light in the early veg stage can have a very positive impact on root growth. Healthy root morphology is essential in the development of robust plants that can withstand deep UV stress used to stimulate the UVR8 chemical pathway that is responsible for higher secondary metabolites (i.e. THC, CBG, CBN, Terpenes). We have indluded a broad spectrum White LED channel which can provide clear workplace lighting or can be used as additional vegging light.

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Sublimental UVA & UVB is added with the AgricUltra MetaRail. The MetaRail places UVB (365 nm) and UVA (285 nm) LEDs on seperate channels.

Medicinal plants respond to UV light as a stressor. This induces the increased production of secondary metabolites that mediate many aspects of the interaction of plants with their environment such as acting as feeding deterrents against herbivores, pollinator attractants, protective compounds against pathogens or various abiotic stresses, antioxidants and signalling molecules.

The MetaRail delivers UV at an intesity approximately ten times the power of the sun. This is drastically stronger (how much strongerEmil?) than HPS or Fluorescent grow light . Our method is fundamentally different. The MetaRail triggers a plant’s stress response in nightly, high intensity 45 to 120 minutes exposures during flower. This elicits the secondary metabolite response while effectively controlling powery mildew by reducing spore germination and mycelial growth. UVB repels pests, as deep UV highly repulses or kills common pests that affect plants. This increases yields, reduces labour improves government compliance, extends shelf life and produces safer Cannabis


On it’s own, 365 UVA in varying amounts and can be used to help plants heal. Modulating UVA in itself can help a plant cope with deep UV stress.


When introducing new lighting conditions to a plant, keep in mind that each plant (even phenotype) responds in its own way. The MetaRail and SolarRail are highly tuneable lighting instruments that can be used together or individually to give growers maximim growth, expression and fidelity.

A configuration of the SolarRail and Metarail are available as the AgricUltra UltraRail

Custom LED wavelengths can be developed upon request.

PLEASE NOTE: The MetaRail emits UV light that is harmful to humans. Always cover exposed skin and wear glasses with total UV protection.

Sample ICE Lighting Schedule

Sample Transition to Flower / Maximum UVA + UVB Stress: Five day transition from veg. to flower with independant channel easing across Red, Blude, White, UVB and UVA channels.

ICE sample.png