HyperRail™ Complete UVA + UVB + Visible Spectrum LED Lighting Instrument


The HyperRail™

HyperRail combines our MetaRail in a multi-channel format with either narrow band visible or full spectrum visible output. Built on AgricUltra’s FlexRail Modular LED platform, the HyperRail is easily upgradable and customizable.

The HyperRail has a dimmable multi-channel format that can be controlled via wireless or cabled formats (Casambi or other DMX protocol systems for horticulture).

Multi-Channel Control with Dimming enables growers to develop proprietary light recipes, helping them create products unique to their brand.

Synergistic Stress Response.png

285 nm LED is proven to elevate secondary metabolites, as well as mold elimination and pest control.
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365 nm LED increases plants’ response to 285 nm and helps further elevate terpenes.
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FR is Optional 730 nm shown

The HyperRail is available with full spectrum PAR or narrow band red and blue. Click on the images below for a closer look.

Operational Information

Distance from canopy: 27cm (10.5”)
Fixture spacing: 51 cm (20”)
Cooling method: Heat sink (passive)
Mounting type: Cable Mounting
Direction: Vertical or horizontal
Dimming: Standard
Remote control: Optional



Length: 120 cm (47.24”) standard
Custom lengths available
Weight is 8.5 kg for 120 cm
Width is 10.4 cm
Height is 6.2 cm

Research Partners

AgricUltra has entered into a research collaboration with Ryerson University and its newly established Ryerson Cannabis Innovation Complex, as well as the Department of Mechanical Engineering, to conduct Cannabis research. 
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Ability to increase total THC levels by 30% based on growth strategies and strain type Learn More


Potential to increase terpenes by up to 60%


Potential for outright elimination of mold

Boosts secondary metabolites all plants, which enhances their taste, texture and nutritional content.
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Reduces pest infestations


Employs passive cooling, which eliminates the need for fans and prevents fan failure and its associated costs


Extends shelf life in herbs, salad greens and strawberries

Technical Specifications

Visible Spectrum PPFD
Cool White: 950 μMol/s/m2
Deep Blue + Deep Red: 1050 μMol/s/m2

Visible Spectrum Fluence Angle
Cool White (5700 K): 170°
450 nm Deep Blue + 660 nm Deep Red: 120°

Visible LED Maintenance Factor (L70)
Cool White: 90k hours
450 nm Deep Blue: 90k hours
660 nm Deep Red: 90k hours

Visible Spectrum Photon Efficiencies
Cool White (5700 K): 1.37 μMol/J
450 nm Deep Blue: 2.36 μMol/J
660 nm Deep Red: 3.20 μMol/J

Normalized Visible Spectrum Contour Map Average PPFD = 1050 μMol/s/m2


365 nm UVA: 32 μMol/s/m2

UVA Power Density
365 nm UVA: 10.5 W/m2

UVA Fluence Angle
365 nm UVA: 120° UVA

LED Maintenance Factor (L70)
365 nm UVA: 35k hours

UVA Photon Efficiencies
365 nm UVA: 1.46 μMol/J

Normalized UVA Contour Map
Average PPFD = 32 μMol/s/m2


285 nm UVB: 0.5 μMol/s/m2

UVB Power Density
285 nm UVB: 0.21 W/m2

UVB Fluence Angle
285 nm UVB: 125Åã

UVB LED Maintenance Factor (L70)
285 nm UVB: 10k hours

UVB Photon Efficiencies
285 nm UVB: 0.04 μMol/J

Normalized UVB Contour Map
Average PPFD = 0.5 μMol/s/m2


FR Optical Specifications
FR LEDs can be customized to suit a grower’s needs. Specifications vary based on selection.

FR Sample Photon Efficiency
730 IR: 2.85 μMol/J