About Agricultra   

AgricUltra Advancements™ is a horticultural engineering firm dedicated to developing processes and technologies that ensure higher fidelity indoor farming with improved natural and economic characteristics. 

Our competencies in computational fluid dynamics, HVAC load balancing, thermodynamic modelling, industrial scale component engineering, as well as a deep understanding of LED lighting beyond PAR provide us with unique advantage in pushing the capabilities of indoor agriculture.


Cannabis Sativa

Illustration by Margaret Best
Commissioned by AgricUltra™ Advancements


Our Mandate

AgricUltra Advancements is to:

  1. Developing innovative vertical farming products and technology

  2. Assisting indoor growers with overall system design and LED lighting selection to maximize their yields and minimize the associated costs

With deep UV light we have increased the biomass and chemical performance of plants, including their taste, smell, texture, resilience and their eventual shelf life. Our technology virtually eliminates mold and pest infestations and reduces operating costs. We implement CO2-based refrigeration technology that supports cost savings of up to 60%* and innovative grow systems that minimize transplanting requirements. This reduces the number of operational steps, maximizes efficiencies, and optimizes growth strategies for specific plants and space requirements.

*Depending on applications



AgricUltra is constantly researching new techniques and technologies to innovate growing strategies to help increase throughput and reduce the growing cycle.

Research Partners

AgricUltra has entered into a research collaboration with Ryerson University and its newly established Ryerson Cannabis Innovation Complex, as well as the Department of Mechanical Engineering, to conduct Cannabis research. Learn more.


AgricUltra works directly with Sensor Electronic Technology, inc. (SETi) a subsidiary of Seoul Semiconductor and Seoul Viosys to develop advanced LED diode technology beyond the visible light spectrum.


Medical Cannabis Beta Sites

AgricUltra collaborates with licensed producers of medical Cannabis to evaluate our products, as well as demonstrate how the light spectrum influences cannabinoid development, metabolic pathways and terpenoid enhancement. This is an integral element in proving our research, as it closes the loop with our academic research partners. AgricUltra also provides engineering and consulting services to beta site partners to optimize test environments.